Don’t be fooled by the IG model exterior–Chinese Kitty isn’t here for the clout. Capitalizing on a slow-and-steady build, Chinese Kitty officially announces KITTYBANDZ, her forthcoming project. As one of the lead ladies in the Brooklyn rap scene, Kitty’s witty hooks, colorful attitude and saucy rap.
With each release expresses her confidence with bad bitch bangers.

In addition to the announcement, Chinese Kitty drops “Opps” featuring texan native Cuban Doll. KITTYBANDZ is an extraordinarily confident release, as Chinese Kitty gleefully sheds her “IG model/Love and Hip Hop” identity. Featuring appearances from fellow Brooklyn rapper Phresher and Cuban Doll, and production from Mitch MulaKeanu MusicOG BangaTay KeithTasha Cotour,Baseline,808DC, and Brandin BlancoKITTYBANDZ releases on October 3rd. 

Listen to “Opps”: Here

KITTYBANDZ tracklist:
1. Say Yes Interlude 
2. Big Mad featuring Phresher 
3. Spend That Cash
4. HitStick
5. Opps featuring Cuban Doll
6. Stories of a Ghetto Kitty 
7. It Hit Different 
8. Can We
9. Booth Cheeks 
10. Nasty Finesse
11. Kitty Gang B***h


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